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A management consulting firm specializing in leadership development using 

V2A Leadership Technology

"Building Leaders for Life"

Our Vision:  Helping You 

Have More Fun, 

Generate Exciting Purpose, 

and Make More Money in Your Business!

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If you want to bring a new level of vitality and velocity to your organization, you need to have a game worth playing that attracts and holds everyoneís attention.  We believe this begins with an inspiring shared vision, includes a reliable process that produces the desired results, and then allows everyone to play full out.  We call this the Vision to Action (V2A) process. 

We focus on people and process.

Without people with the right attitudes and ability, technology falls short of delivering on its promise.  We know how to enable and empower people, and how to apply reliable processes capable of changing your business to its very core. 

We will bring our twelve years of change management consulting experience to help you develop your own leadership skills, and those of your people.  Effective change does not happen overnight, we help you begin powerfully, and then stay the course until complete. 

Enabling Leadership


 We know how to help you focus on what is most important.  Our methodology helps surface key issues, and rallies the resources to make the difference. 


Get focused.  If you donít have a vision that everyone in your organization shares, you will waste energy and miss opportunities.  We know how to help you create a shared vision, and put that vision into action.  

Get your people to work together powerfully.  We understand how to stimulate teamwork and enable individuals.

Professional Coaching

We believe great players excel with good coaching and we truly enjoy helping you improve your performance by providing valuable feedback, insight, and encouragement.


"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Proverbs 15:22


There is something inspiring about individuals passionate about a shared vision, working together to make it happen.


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