Briggs Consulting

Executive Forums and CEO groups have existed for years and with mixed reviews.  There is undoubtedly a power in bringing individuals with similar responsibility into a support and accountability community that isn't available within your own organization.  After seventeen years of executive coaching and organizational development I have developed the V2A Executive Forum as a truly unique and worthy approach to a "CEO Only" group using innovative and proprietary V2A leadership technology.

Imagine a twelve-month Executive Forum where you are one of a limited number of CEOs or Division Managers dedicated to personal and organizational development and growth. You work together with similarly committed leaders and by the end of the first year you realize you have had a personal breakthrough in your experience of leadership and you have produced important desired results in your organization.

This unique program is strategically designed to help each participant experience a personal breakthrough in their most challenging areas.  Furthermore, you will move to the next level in your mastery of personal leadership with profound impact.  Only a limited number of highly committed professional leaders are able to participate so everyone can receive full value from the group dynamics and personal coaching elements of V2A Exec.  Do you want  a breakthrough as a leader?  Discover how this program can transform your experience of leadership and produce results.

Larry Briggs, Founder and Developer