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Our specialty is providing coaching to executives and their direct reports in growing, entrepreneurial organizations.

In over fifteen years of coaching executives, we have helped the leaders of organizations in a variety of situations.  We have developed a proven methodology we call Vision to Action (V2A) and a body of technology to fuel the change process.  Some of the reasons people seek our coaching include:

It can be lonely at the top:

Owners and CEO's of small to mid-size businesses are frequently alone in their decisions, because they don't have a board of directors or someone to provide perspective and feedback.  Our coaching program for top-level executives enables them to reach their greatest potential.  Our involvement also helps give insight to company issues and provide more leverage in taking effective action using the power of V2A.  We can be unique in bringing both encouragement and accountability to the person at the top of the organization.  A good coach also provides useful feedback and fosters skill development in areas of need.  Clients testify to the impact this has made in their corporate effectiveness and personal lives.

A recognized need for change:

If business has been flat for some time, it is probably time to make some changes.  Getting council from an executive coach can bring needed perspective and assist you in re-visioning the company, personal roles, and in goal setting.  From past coaching experiences, we have provided the coaching, encouragement, and the accountability to stimulate breakthroughs in the areas that have lead to flat business performance.

The Joy is gone:

During the growth of a business the time frequently comes when the fun of running the business leaves Ė now it feels like a job, and that wasnít the purpose of launching the business in the first place was it?  We have helped executives in this position re-discover the joy and passion in an enlarged vision and new roles for themselves as leader of the enterprise.  Once this is done we can help the executive get into action making the necessary changes so the fun and passion is reclaimed.

Growth or trouble mode:

The scenario goes like this:  ďWe have been growing like mad, and I canít cover all the bases any more.  Iím getting tired, and I havenít been successful handing off responsibility to others.  What now?Ē  We are skilled in helping our clients identify and build a management team so authority, responsibility and accountability can be handed off.  We then assist in the hand-off process and provide training to the CEO or Manager so the transitions are successful.  The process takes time, but yields good results.

Partnerships in relational breakdown:

For some reason over time partnerships can unravel and one or more partners have grown apart.  One or more partners are expressing a feeling of inequity, and they donít know how or if they can get over the hurdles they see.  The Vision to Action process is an ideal tool combined with our counseling and facilitation to resolve these situations with honor and dignity.

A desire for improved personal performance:

It may be the CEO, or it may be someone on the team who isnít performing up to potential.  We have been asked in to coach a manager or VP as part of a last-ditch effort to bring performance up to par.  Executives themselves recognize they need to improve in their leadership and/or management skills to meet the demands of their companies.  We have helped professionals in any of these scenarios have breakthrough in both personal effectiveness and satisfaction in their jobs.


Interested in knowing more?  Contact us for a free and confidential coaching session.  We promise you will receive value in the first conversation.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."

Proverbs 15:22


There is something inspiring about individuals passionate about a shared vision, working together to make it happen.


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